Cancer, The Deathly Black Beast!

The deathly black beast, cancer! 

cancer ribbonCancer hits infants to seniors and everyone in-between, it has no mercy and is not particular on who it kills. I was diagnosed with cancer, my story:

I found a lump just above my breast. Breast cancer doesn’t run in my family, so that was the farthest thing from my mind. A few months went by and it was still there, still the same shape, so I told my husband. He told me that I’d better go see a doctor.

I tried making an appointment for a mammogram, but they told me I had to see a doctor first. The doctor checked me out and said it just looked like a cyst to her, but wanted me to have a mammogram and a ultra-sound to be sure.

The doctor called me and said the results were back and wanted me to come in to see her. “Can’t you just give me the results over the phone, I asked, I’m really busy!” “No, you need to come in“, she replied!

Got to the doctor’s office and wound up waiting for two and a half hours, it’s one thing not knowing, it’s another having to wait right there in the office for eternity. She finally called me in, and said, “I’m sure you know by now why I wanted to talk to you in person, you have breast cancer.” It’s in three different places.

I really felt nothing, expect ok let’s just cut it out and be done! I looked at my husband and he looked kind of shocked. A little pale, not looking so good. What’s our next step?

There are thousands of people that go through this.

I will finish this story in my next post. If you want to know more now, check out my book, click here!

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